When Will It Happen For Me?

when will it happen for me 72dpi

Whenever one of my coaching clients asks, ‘How long will it take,’ I always feel a wave of empathy for them. Always.

I remember asking the same question…I still do from time to time. They want to know how long it will take to reach their goal. I think what they are really asking is this:  Will all the effort be worth it?  “How long will it take to reach my career goals, or business goals, financial goals, relationship goals, health and wellness goals, personal development goals”…and so on.

And I think they understand that I can’t possibly know ‘how long’ it’s going to take. I recognize that these wonderful people want some reassurance, they want to know that what they are chasing will work. And if I had the ability, I’d gaze into the future and tell them that ‘IT’ will be worth it…so press on. Or ‘IT’ isn’t going to work…time to move on to something else. Or ‘IT’ is definitely going to happen for you…just hang on for a little longer.  No one has that knowledge though.

What I do know that is absolutely true is this: YOU are worth it and YOUR dreams are worth taking a shot regardless if it works out or not. If and when the result shows up isn’t up to any of us anyway. How we get there is the important piece. Get your brain right and your actions will follow. Then get your actions right and disciplines will follow. Then get your disciplines right and the results will follow. That’s the way I’ve seen it work time after time.

Aligning thoughts with actions is always the first step…we have control over both of those elements of our lives. The results will fall where they will…but I believe consistent action over time is the most direct route to the target. If you are chasing a dream…keep going…don’t stop…keep pushing – take action and direct your thoughts.

I believe in you…You are a walking, breathing miracle…and you are worth it

So drop a comment to me below.  What are you working on and what action will you take TODAY to move yourself closer to your goal?