Finding Your Authentic Voice

finding your authentic voice

                           Often too many of us go through this life half alive. Working to pay bills, to provide and get through the days. We go through the days doing what is needed or expected of us. Too many times we wake up years into our Journey to realize that what we have been doing all along isn’t fulfilling or sustaining us on many levels.

                         Maybe it was the college degree you got because someone told you it would be best, all the while your heart knew it wasn’t the right path for you. Maybe we married our partner because we didn’t want to be alone. Or took the job that made a lot of money but didn’t inspire or ignite us. We have all done it in some way. Sold out. Said yes when we meant no. We let fear and “the norm” dictate our choices, mold us into who we are.

                           In taking inventory of our lives, where are we truly happy? Where have we deviated from our true nature, our essential self? Maybe you are just a little bit off course and your life just needs some re-adjusting. Maybe you woke up one morning and couldn’t recognize the person looking back at you in the mirror and realized that your life as it stands needs a complete overhaul. Wherever you are is great. It is giving you an opportunity to find your authentic voice. Your true nature. Your essential Self. It is there. Under all of the stuff, the poor decisions, the betrayal of you. Your authentic inner voice is there. Quiet but always wanting and wishing you will listen. How do first find our inner voice and then listen to it to live our best lives possible?

      We get quiet. Everyday and with every choice we make.

We begin to tune in to how our body reacts to one choice or another. How do we feel when we leave a person or a situation? We all have a part of us that tingles or buzzes, that feels more alive when we envision or feel our way into the future. We need to get acquainted with that part of our body. We need to listen. Really listen to what our Soul, our True Self is saying. When you begin to do this you will probably notice that too many times throughout your day you say to yourself “Shh. Be quiet. Don’t rock the boat. Be good. Say yes. Play the part. Jump through the hoops and play the game.” or any number of things that our mental programming says in order to quiet the part that is truly longing, yearning. Really wanting to be heard and honored.

                           I am going to ask you to do something radical. I am going to ask you to honor that part of yourself that knows best, your true essential Self. To truly listen and then act, even if it scary or non-traditional. Even if your family or society tells you that you are wrong, crazy, rogue. Be rogue. This may look like quitting that job you have hated for years to finally open the bakery that your Soul longs to run. It may mean ending the relationship that is toxic and had red flags from the very beginning. It may mean going back to school at 40 to finally become a veterinarian that your childhood self has been longing to be for decades…and it may not. It might be something seemingly insignificant like saying no to an invitation when your body longs for rest. Or taking some things off your plate that you truly don’t like doing. Obligations that you feel you should do but are often done begrudgingly and from a place of guilt or resentment. When you begin to tell a lie, stop, breathe and re-adjust your course. Whether you make sweeping changes or small things daily, make them. This is how you begin to transform your life and listen to your authentic voice.

                              You may lose friends along the way. You may lose money or status. But you will gain respect of yourself. You will gain integrity in finally doing what it is that your essential Self has been longing to do all along. You will gain strength and wisdom in listening to your authentic voice. You will begin to hold your head higher and all interactions and choices will have more purpose, clarity and intention. You will begin to hold yourself in a higher esteem. You will begin to have more respect for your choices and hold yourself in LOVE. And that is what we are all wanting on this Journey.