NEUROWAVE is an audio technology that reduces the influence the fear center of your brain (the amygdala) asserts over your life. Doing so allows you to spend more time in the neo-cortex, which is where your higher processing centers reside: Creativity, logic, reason, goal oriented activity, strategic thinking etc.

When you were young, and as you grew, your brain was programmed for you by others. Some of these messages (or many of them depending on your experience) were limiting in nature. You were programmed to focus on what you can’t do, on some deficiency others thought you possessed, on how lovable you are (or aren’t), how acceptable you are (or how unacceptable), what you are able achieve, whether or not you are good enough, and so on.

Over time, you accepted these beliefs as objectively true – even it is unlikely that they are based in objective truth. These beliefs became entrenched in your emotional, fear based responses that are governed by your amygdala, so that if you attempt to transcend these limiting beliefs before changing the neural pathways where they live…then fear and anxiety are likely to result. And you can’t fundamentally change your life if you’re in a perpetual state of fear, anxiety, or self-doubt.

Your brain’s prime directive is to keep you safe and alive. So it will naturally steer you away from things that are scary or anxiety inducing – regardless if they have the ability to harm you physically. Your brain thinks it is protecting you.

Additionally, your results ALWAYS align with your beliefs about yourself and the world. Thus, if you have limiting beliefs about yourself or your abilities, then your actions will align with those beliefs which will then deliver corresponding results (results that you aren’t liking…otherwise I don’t think you’d be visiting our site!).

NEUROWAVE guides you through the process of crumbling the old, limiting beliefs so that you can build new ones…that YOU choose. You get to be the author of your life’s story from this point forward…if you choose to be.

Using our neuro-transformational sequencing, you’ll be able to begin pruning away old neural connections that have been causing you to fail at important aspects of your life.

Pruning is a natural process that occurs each night as you sleep. Your brain prunes away connections that you aren’t using frequently. Our process helps you intentionally target specific pathways so that you can eliminate old thought patters that are built into your brain, which empowers you to transcend them.

This doesn’t mean you’ll forget these elements of your life that you prune away. Instead, you’ll greatly reduce, or eliminate, the negative emotional impact they have on your life.

So, as you eliminate the old beliefs, you’ll build new, empowered beliefs based on who you want to be and what you want to accomplish. These beliefs will be carried via neural pathways that you’ll create which are associated with the way you want your life to be.

And once your brain accepts this new reality…then your body will follow. Because your focus becomes your beliefs, and your beliefs become your actions. And then your actions turn into disciplines which then become your results. So if you change the messaging in your brain by focusing on what you want, calm your fear center in your brain, and then build new beliefs…then your actions will be different, which will necessarily affect your results. And THAT is the power of NEUROWAVE. It puts the pen in your hand so that you can write the story of your life.

How Effective Is It?

NEUROWAVE is a powerful process. No one has ever achieved anything great without envisioning it first. NEUROWAVE supports you and speed s you along in this process by helping you decrease your fear and then focus on what you want out of your life. Your brain cannot tell the difference between a picture and the real thing (this is overly simplified, but is basically what happens in your brain). This is why your mouth waters when you look at a picture of food, or why your body gets tense and you feel nervous when watching a horror film.

These things images aren’t real, yet they elicit a particular response from your brain which manifests itself in your body. When you focus on what you want: Peak fitness levels, fulfilling relationships, developing the career or business of your dreams, having high self-confidence levels…then your body begins to accept these images as real. Consistently using Neurowave enables these images in your brain to manifest themselves in your actions because your brain must carry out actions that it believes are your objective reality.

Remember, thoughts become things (your thoughts become actual physical pathways in your brain. The more you focus on particular thoughts, the stronger those pathways become). These thoughts become actions which then become your results.

So, by using Neurowave, you’ll begin to anticipate good things happening for you. You’ll begin to believe that what you want is already here…and you’ll be rewiring your brain to anticipate these things happening in your life. And since your brain is compelled to create an external reality that is in alignment with your beliefs…then you’ll start behaving in ways that are consistent with the results you seek.

How Does It Work?

The NEUROWAVE music alternates between your left ear and right ear. This gentle motion distracts your amygdala from flaring up when you are working through fears, limiting beliefs, or integrating empowered beliefs so that you can access the higher processing centers in your neo cortex.

The brain is a complex structure – so there are several ideas behind how this works:

The orienting reflex. The orienting reflex is your natural tendency for your nervous system pay attention to new stimuli that are present in your environment. Long ago, this helped keep human beings alive because it aids us in detecting threats that may be present – which were very present many, many years ago.

Are those footsteps behind us aggressive and closing in? If so, perhaps we need to break into a dead sprint. If not, and they fade away, then we return to our original relaxed state and keep moving forward.

However, when you are listening to NEUROWAVE music, your mind will be focusing on the music. You won’t be able to dwell on your problems. This is called habituation which is what happens when we cease responding to certain stimuli. The back and forth movement of the music – the lateral shift – creates a situation where you can’t focus on your problems and you start to feel relaxed…fear and anxiety begin to fade away.

This is why our transformational sequencing in our guided Neurowave is so important. It leads you to visualize yourself letting go of your negative, limiting beliefs about yourself during your NEUROWAVE sessions. You end up training your brain to release the old beliefs as you envision them fading away. You stop punishing yourself with fear and anxiety when certain stimuli are present. You essentially train your brain to stay calm so you can think logically (moving past the amygdala and into the neo-cortex) even when situations arise that induce fear.

This decreases your proclivity to break into your fight/flight/freeze response and instead, behave rationally. If you are afraid of public speaking, NEUROWAVE can help you habituate your brain so that you can approach it like this: Will speaking in front of people kill me? No. So even though I’m feeling fear, I’m not being threatened in any way. At this point, you can rationally approach the situation as one that makes you uncomfortable and doubt yourself…but certainly one that you’ll survive. And if you keep your head instead of being swept away by fear, then you are likely to perform far better.

On the other hand, when you visualize what you want your life to look like, you are likely trigging the adaptive information processing system in your brain. Your limiting beliefs and negative associations about yourself could be blocking your adaptive information processing system. This system is designed to take difficult inputs and then cause them to be integrated in a healthy way.

However, sometimes, these inputs get ‘stuck,’ and hang around in our brains as limiting beliefs, self-defeating thoughts, or any other maladaptive thought pattern which manifests as an associated behavior. If resident fears and old messages have been with you for a long time (holding you back), then visualizing what you want your life to look like…while maintaining a positive vision of yourself and the outcome…can strengthen your ability to take consistent actions against these goals so that you don’t slide back into old behavior patterns.

NEUROWAVE relaxes your mind so that you can build new neural pathways associated with your dreams and goals…and it can strengthen weak associations (for instance, if you want to be self-confident but never learned that trait, it would be weak while the unconfident association would be strong) so that you are consistently reinforcing and rewarding thoughts and ideas that align with the life you want to live.

All of this adds up to living a more conscious life. Your current default life is based on old programming. NEUROWAVE interrupts the old programming, allows you to prune it, and then empowers you to create new programming that is consistent with the life you want to live. And by changing your brain first, you then make space for your actions to be consistent with your thoughts without the crippling effects of the fear, doubt, and procrastination induced by your previous programming.

How Often Should I Use NEUROWAVE?

If you are just getting started, then you’ll need to build up to the necessary times per week. Consistency is key. I would recommend starting out with 4 days per week. That has proven to be the amount when the effects of NERUOWAVE begin to become consistently effective. Ideally, you’ll want to engage in the process six to seven times per week in order to get the maximum benefit.

How Long Should I Listen?

I recommend fifteen to thirty minutes per day. If you have time to take an hour to use the process, that’s fine as well. Even if you can’t get through an entire guided NEUROWAVE session…that’s ok. The key is to get your brain familiar with the new reality you are creating. Get into the habit of letting go of old, limiting images and messages while replacing those with new, empowered images and messages about yourself.

Are The Guided Meditations More Effective?

Both guided and unguided Neurowave are effective.

I would suggest starting with the guided Neurowave audio. These are ideal for helping you relax, create a strong core concept, release old beliefs, and integrate new ones. These audio really are a fast track to leveraging your super power…Neuroplasticity!

The guided audio also help you become familiar with the thought sequences that we use at Neurowave. Walking through these sequences while targeting a specific aspect of your life is an effective way to rewire your brain for success.

Unguided audio are great for relaxing, reducing stress, and falling asleep. After using the guided audio for several weeks, you’ll probably be ready to ‘freestyle’ your Neurowave sessions with the unguided tracks. This is particularly true if you have something to work on that isn’t covered in the guided audio.

I would suggest integrating both into your life…the guided meditations seem to keep people on track with fewer mental wanderings during the session. However, the unguided meditations do provide you with the flexibility to take your sessions in the precise direction you wish to go. Again, both are incredibly effective – it simply depends on your preferences.

Is Neurowave Safe?

Yes…NEUROWAVE is safe. It is intended to be a relaxing, calming, pleasant experience. Also, you are in control of how you want to wire your brain. The guided Neurowave walks you through specific steps. But you get to determine precisely what you want to think about, release, and integrate into your mind.

Our process is set up to empower YOU. Others people and circumstances wired you to fail in at least one aspect of your life. So, it was important for us at Neurowave to create a platform that empowers you to decide how you want to be wired. You are in control the whole time.

As you calm down your amygdala (the fear center of your brain) and reduce or eliminate its control over aspects of your life, you’ll experience less ‘stuckness’ and more bias for action so that you can pursue your goals and dreams.

However, when you DO need your fight or flight instincts to kick in if and when real danger is present…never fear…you will continue to respond normally as your brain was set up to respond.

There may be times that you could experience feelings of minor distress during Neurowave sessions. Sometimes when someone is working through old messages, they can experience stress…and sometimes the brain may reject the new messages you are working on installing as your new programming. This is ok as well. Stay consistent and engage with the process.
Some of our limiting beliefs and negative messages are harder to eliminate than others. Just keep working at it.

However, if for any reason you feel distressed while using NEUROWAVE, or if the process is overly stressful or disturbing, then I would recommend that you seek the assistance of a licensed therapist or mental health provider. Our program is designed to help those who are stuck in some aspect of their lives. We are not set up, however, to help those with significant trauma or psychological distress.

Am I In Control Of The Process?

You are 100% in control of this process. You get to determine what programming you are putting into your brain. Even the guided Neurowave are designed to be open ended…so that you get to choose the exact messaging and images you wish to focus on during your sessions.

The whole point our platform is to empower individuals to live an authentic, intentional life by focusing on what the individual wants while becoming increasingly aware of who they are and what is important to them. So yes, you are in total control of your visualization experiences – a philosophy that I feel is vital to living a successful life. You are in total control of your life, your thoughts, and your attitudes…therefore, it is imperative that you are in total control over what you are putting into your brain on a daily basis.

Do I Have To Do Anything Other Than Listen To NEUROWAVE Audio?

Neurowave is a powerful process. It is relaxing and peaceful. It also primes your brain to accept the reality that you wish to live. If you want deep and fulfilling relationships but struggle to create them, then use Neurowave to calm your fears, doubts, and limiting thoughts so that you can create the new neural pathways associated with the kinds of relationships you wish to create.

Once you establish these pathways, then you are then ready to take consistent action that is congruent with your new beliefs…with no backsliding into old habits and behaviors. So, at some point, you’ll have to take some action. You’ll have to actually go out there and DO the things you are visualizing. What Neurowave does is it creates an internal environment (your thoughts, emotions, and wiring) that will be consistent with the actions you wish to take. Fear will no longer dictate what you will and won’t do (or even consider). Instead, you’ll be taking action from an empowered and confident mentality.

You’ll be the master of your own levels of self-confidence and take action anyway because your brain will be habituated to doing the things necessary to deliver the result you are seeking.

My Mind Keeps Wandering During The Process – What Do I Do?

If your mind wanders, then that’s perfectly normal. Neurowave, like any process, is a discipline and takes time to build up the necessary muscles. So, if your mind wanders, simply bring yourself back to what you were visualizing when your brain went off on its own and did its own thing.

You really can’t do this process incorrectly. Simply continue coming back to where you were when your brain got off track and over time, you’ll develop the necessary mental muscles to stay focused for longer periods of time. The great news is that regardless how intensely you focus, the Neurowave process is working its magic, keeping you calm and reducing fear, anxiety, and your limiting beliefs while integrating new, empowered beliefs and ideas.

What Happens If I Fall Asleep While I’m Listening To The Audio?

If you fall asleep, that’s fine also. Your brain continues to work on problems after you’ve fallen asleep. So if you point your brain in the right direction and tell it what you want it to work on…well, it’ll know what to do. If you fall asleep consistently during Neurowave (which is not uncommon), then I would suggest getting a very clear mental picture of what you wish to work on during your sessions.

For instance, if you want to become aware of your immense value as a human being, then you’d imagine yourself doing things and treated like a person who has immense self-worth. See yourself interacting with others as a self-confident person. Then put on the headphones and visualize yourself being confident. Your brain will continue to work as you rest!

However, it is most effective to be conscious and awake during the process. So, while it is not uncommon to fall asleep in the first 2-3 weeks of using our audio…you should build up the necessary muscles to stay awake even while you relax.

If you continue to consistently fall asleep, then I would recommend choosing a time during the day (or night) where you are most alert and use the audio then. That way you are most likely to stay awake and get the biggest benefit from using our audio.

When Should I Expect Results?

Many people report feeling more calm and at peace after just a few sessions. Some people report big changes after their first session. For most, the changes are gradual – experiencing big changes at first which begin to taper off into a consistent incline or improvement.

Typically, people report feeling very different after four weeks (more confident, taking more action, less afraid, more courageous, more comfortable in their own skin, etc.). Here’s the great thing about this process: It works no matter what your starting point happens to be. If you are simply trying to figure yourself out and feel more confident or if you are a CEO who is stuck and needs some help getting over a major financial obstacle, this process can help you.

The point is, everyone’s starting point is different. So the process may work more quickly for you than others (or it may take you longer). Commit to being consistent, stick with it, and continuing to act on the new beliefs that you are putting into your brain.

What If Things Don’t Change For Me?

If you aren’t experiencing the results you are looking for, then keep practicing with Neurowave. Change happens more slowly for some people. We all learn and grow at different rates. But if you are stuck and don’t feel like the process is working for you, I would suggest several things:

  • Get a journal and write down what you are wanting to change about your life.  I’d also encourage you to start a video journal and film yourself each day after your sessions.
  • Use the NEUROWAVE system to create new neural pathways associated with the life you wish to create.
  • Take note during the day where you are taking action toward the life you want to live as well as those instances where you fail to take action due to fear or low self-confidence.
  • Over time, look back at your notes and see if you are making progress or not. Sometimes, it is easy to get mired in the issues and failures and then forget the progress you are making.
  • It is also common for people to forget where they started and are unaware of the progress they are making.  Again, this is another great reason to journal your thoughts, actions, and results.
  • Ask a friend or colleague to give you feedback. Let them know what you are trying, what your results have been, and see if they can help you get past your obstacles.
  • Find a consistent time each day to use NEUROWAVE. Your life is busy – so creating a discipline around this process is key…be consistent.
  • You could also think about hiring a coach to help you navigate your stuck points so that you can move beyond them.

What Happens If Things DO Change For Me?

If you are getting the results you are looking for, then keep doing what you are doing! It can be scary (because you’ll be stretching through your comfort zone and entering new territory)…I’ve been there. Just keep moving forward and keep using Neurowave to continue eliminating old messages and mitigating your fear.

If you are consistently pushing yourself, then fear will always be present. Keep using Neurowave to manage your fear and self-doubts while at the same time continuing to upgrade your empowered beliefs about yourself and what you can accomplish. If you finally get that promotion to VP you’ve been dreaming of…then the thought of becoming a Senior VP may feel out of reach…maybe even scary.

You can continue using Neurowave to keep fear from ruling your life so that you can consistently stretch through your comfort zone without the paralyzing effects of fear. If you are getting the results you are looking for…then keep moving forward with confidence!

The Music isn’t panning back and forth…what’s wrong?

You need to adjust your audio settings. To date, only PC users have had issues due to their default audio settings.

Do I have to use headphones?

Yes. The Neurowave effect will not work without using headphones.

Do I need to be in a quiet place?

That would be ideal. Typically, you want to be sitting or lying down in a comfortable place. You’ll also want to be in a place where you won’t be disturbed. You can close your eyes or keep them open – whatever works best for you as you visualize will be just fine.

Can you put this in simple terms for me please? What is NEUROWAVE?

Essentially, Neurowave is focused daydreaming while using a process that reduces your fears and anxieties that are attached to your limiting beliefs about yourself. Using this process convinces your brain that the life you want to create is possible…and that you are worthy and capable of achieving it. And since your brain will make sure that your actions are consistent with your beliefs – if you change your thoughts then you change your actions…which in turn changes your results.

What Is Your Coaching Program About?

I love to help people change their lives and live passionately and intentionally. I created a coaching program so that I could help people in a one on one relationship. However, I also wanted to touch multiple lives at one time…which is why we hold group coaching enrollment periods from time to time.  It is always more helpful to have an expert walk you through the process and answer your specific questions and that is why we created this program.

Why Do I have to apply to your coaching program?

We can’t take everyone. We have a limited number of slots in our coaching program…so we have to be selective. It is also important to me that we can deliver results to you. So I want to make sure you are a good fit for our program…and I also want to make sure that our program is a good fit for you!

This way, once you are assigned a coach, you’ll know that you are proceeding into a relationship where I have the utmost confidence that you’ll find what you are looking for…and much much more. If you are interested in our coaching program, you can fill out an application here and you’ll be contacted once we have reviewed it.

What is Custom NEUROWAVE?

Custom Neurowave is a service that we’ve just recently opened up to the general public. Typically, this service has been reserved for my private clients due to the time and cost involved in creating a custom Neurowave for someone. However, if you would like to have a Neurowave that addresses your exact situation. If you want a meditation that calls you by name, that mentions exactly what you are struggling with, that guides you through images that are important to you, then this service may be for you. You can find an application for custom Neurowave here:

How do I download my audio file to play offline on my iPhone?

This is actually an issue across all iOS devices. There is no way to right click and ‘save as’ the file to your phone! Frustrating for sure because we like to listen to our Neurowave offline on flights, etc. Watch this video for a solution to this issue: