Your Beautiful Mess

your beautiful mess

Everyone does it. I am certain you have, many times actually. Just last week I did it. Why do we do it?  Maybe it starts out as a creeping sensation. It’s all around you but not really bothering you, not yet. Until one day in the corner of your eye, it’s become bigger than you. You feel crowded, and there’s … Read More

Foods to Increase Cognitive Functioning

foods to increase cognitive functioning

     If you are reading this article, you are most likely looking to change limiting beliefs and negative mental programming in order to achieve your goals and dreams and live your best life possible. Congratulations! As a certified clinical nutritionist and YLU coach, there are some foods that I recommend to increase cognitive functioning due to their biochemical properties, … Read More

Mindfulness and Meditation for Anxiety/Fear/Limiting Beliefs

mindfulness meditation

     If you asked 100 people what their definition of mindfulness is you would probably get 100 different answers. Same for meditation. All of these people would be correct in their definitions. Just like love or spirituality, there is no correct answer. It is whatever feels right and good to you. My personal definition of mindfulness is simply ‘paying … Read More

Food and Mood: Healing Through Nutrition

food & mood

                           In my years of working with clients on their health and wellness goals I have found that it is hardly ever about “the food” and all in how the person FEELS about the food.                            What do I mean by this? Think about how inextricably linked we … Read More

Finding Your Authentic Voice

finding your authentic voice

                           Often too many of us go through this life half alive. Working to pay bills, to provide and get through the days. We go through the days doing what is needed or expected of us. Too many times we wake up years into our Journey to realize … Read More