About Us? …Actually It’s All About You!

Zane Corriher is the CEO of MyNeurowave, a neuro-solutions company located in Durham, NC.  Zane is an expert at helping successful people precisely identify and eliminate the crippling fears and destructive beliefs that are holding them back.  And whether the individual is just getting started with their goals or has experienced massive success…he can help.

Zane is a certified MBTI practitioner and is Inside-Out Coaching certified.  He also brings over 15 years of coaching and personal development experience to this venture.    He became interested in neuroscience over ten years ago and learned quickly how to leverage the power of neuroplasticity so that clients could experience transformative results that stick…with no backsliding.

In the past year, Zane has helped a Doctor fulfill her childhood dream of becoming a professional cheerleader, a director of entertainment secure a VP promotion including a move to his dream city – London, he has helped families heal and become more loving, passionate, and vulnerable, and has changed multiple lives simply by helping people get clear about who they are and what they are working to accomplish.

Zane is an expert at balancing the transformative nature of coaching with the practical aspects of creating the life his clients dream of living.  He is passionate about helping others…Neurowave is the manifestation of his dream.

His interests include soccer, meditation, listening to musical geniuses such as Pink Floyd and Beethoven, hanging out with his awesome 6 year old daughter Lily, eating good food and spending quality time with his wife Amy.

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