Awaken The Elite Performer
Inside You.

We Create Epic Lives

Re-Train Your Brain


NeuroWave has been proven to put you into a zen-like state, empowering you to break old patterns and replace them with ones that serve you and your dreams.

Achieve Your Goals

By removing your programmed patterns and replacing them with positive habits and feelings, your goals will be so much easier to achieve.

Unlock Your Potential

Imagine what’s possible when you focus on your mind-game…with Neurowave, you can awaken the elite performer inside you and create the life you’ve always wanted.

Meet Zane

Zane Corriher is a peak results specialist. He is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and business professionals rapidly transform their lives and skyrocket their income through his unique and proven Neuro-Solutions coaching programs.

Zane is an in-demand speaker and coach who has travelled extensively for over a decade helping thousands of people untangle the thought patterns and limiting beliefs that hold them back from realizing their full potential.

After earning two Master’s Degrees, Zane went on to pursue his passion for helping others at a Fortune 100 company where he serves as a Global Learning and Development Activator. Zane is responsible for the learning, development, and coaching of professionals in the western hemisphere and parts of Europe.

Then Zane created Neurowave – the culmination of his passion to help people just like you realize your full potential while living a life of zen-confidence. Zane has spent over ten years studying the brain and cognitive theory. He and his team have developed a groundbreaking audio technology and neuro-sequencing formula that ushers people into their peak performance state – which can continue to produce personal and professional results for a lifetime.

Zane believes that when you are on FIRE about your finances, your work, your relationships, and your self-awareness…then you will truly be an unstoppable elite performer.

Give Yourself A Helping Hand

You don’t have to figure it all out alone!

Neurowave is not just a powerful technology – we are a team of experts who are passionate about understanding your unique challenges and dreams and then helping you devise life changing strategies that will stick…forever.

So whatever roadblocks are in the way right now, Neurowave will empower you to burt through them and then accelerate toward the life you want to live.

Discover More About How We Can Help You

If you are curious to know more about what we do and how we can help you, please click the link below.

Because if you are tired of feeling like you are destined for more than you are currently achieving. If you are have had enough of feeling stressed, unfocused, and out of alignment with your purpose in life. And if you are tired of feeling trapped in the same old patterns of thought and behavior that have held you back for far to long…

…then I’d love to talk to you. Because I love helping successful people like you step into your greatness and create an elite life for yourself.

So go ahead and schedule a free consultation where we’ll develop a strategy that you can use to begin your journey to becoming an elite performer in your life. And then if we determine that we would be a good fit to work together, then we’d love to invite you to become part of our coaching program so that you can finally live the life you’ve been chasing for far too long.

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